Security Alert

Location: Algeria, Countrywide

Event: The U.S. Embassy in Algiers reminds U.S. citizens residing in or traveling to Algeria that general elections are scheduled for December 12, 2019.  Rallies, demonstrations, and strikes may occur with little notice.   Previously, police have used physical barricades, water and sound cannons, and tear gas to control crowds.  U.S. government personnel are instructed to avoid all areas affected by demonstrations and not to participate, watch, or remain near demonstrations even if they remain peaceful. Due to the local holiday for election day, the U.S. Embassy in Algiers will be closed to the public on December 12, 2019.

The U.S. Embassy would also like to remind U.S. citizens that our Travel Advisory from April 9, 2019 remains in effect. Due to the risk of terrorism, criminal activity, and kidnapping, U.S. citizens are reminded to avoid travel to areas near the eastern and southern borders and the Sahara Desert (including Tindouf province).  The U.S. Embassy recommends all U.S. citizens residing in or traveling to Algeria to read the April 2019 travel advisory, available at   

Actions to take: 

  • Avoid large gatherings and rallying points for demonstrations.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of demonstrations, even if they appear peaceful.
  • Monitor local news for updates.
  • Maintain a high-level of vigilance.
  • Follow instructions of local authorities.
  • Review personal security plans.
  • Take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security. For planning resources, go to the following State Department website.

  For Assistance: