Alumni Day 2014

alumni_day_2014On June 24, 2014 The Public Affairs Section , Algiers organized, for the first time in Algeria, an Alumni day to gather different U.S. government sponsored programs Alumni at the U.S. Embassy in Algiers.

The Alumni day consisted in open doors on the different U.S. government sponsored programs through the eyes of the Alumni experience. Representatives of the exchange programs were meeting visitors and introducing them to their programs, they also gave presentations to talk about their experience before their selection, during and after returning to Algeria, stories ranged from the academic interest to the simplest anecdote on being first timer visitor to the U.S. and this included answering inquisitive questions on the selection process, the program influence or future plans.

Winners of the ‘Alumni Project Competition’ were announced on the same day. The Public Affairs Section selected four different projects as winners of this year’s competition;

SEA Xchange, a project that consists in a one-week learning program promoting social entrepreneurship and directed to young innovators to solve social issues in their community;

DJ’Art, which consists in a series of cultural events in different disciplines and locations with historical or cultural significance and with the contribution of international artists and researchers;

Young Algerian Academy, a project that consists in training sessions for youth in different fields, fostering their leadership skills, personal development and project management.

Model United Nations – Algeria, which consists in developing the concept of MUN in Algeria.