Assistant Secretary Sison’s Travel to Algeria


Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Michele Sison arrived in Algiers on June 25 to introduce Professor Sarah H. Cleveland, candidate for the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  During the visit Ambassador Sison and Professor Cleveland met with Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmed Attaf and Minister of Justice Abderrachid Tabi.  Ambassador Sison also reiterated her congratulations on Algeria’s election to the UN Security Council and Human Rights Council and affirmed that Professor Cleveland is the right choice for the ICJ.   

Sarah H. Cleveland is a preeminent scholar and practitioner of international law, including a leading expert in the areas of international and comparative human rights law, the status of international law in domestic law, international humanitarian law, and national security.   

Ambassador Sison previously visited Algeria on January 20 when she met with President Tebboune, senior government officials, and representatives of civil society.