American Spaces

At 700 spaces housed in libraries, universities, cultural centers in more than 150 countries around the world, American Spaces provides people with an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about American culture, history and values.

Visitors can learn about the United States, access the open internet, build job skills, and participate in dialogue with each other and Americans in a safe environment.

In Algeria, American Spaces can connect visitors to American culture and values, as well as a number of other opportunities:

  • Educational advising for those who want to study in the U.S
  • Workshops ranging on career skills and English language learning
  • Classes on new technology, emerging media, and academic resources
  • Films, discussions, and lectures on entrepreneurship, leadership, current events, international affairs, and much more.

Visit us at one of the Spaces in Algeria to learn more!

American Cultural Center Algeria

U.S. Embassy Algiers
05 Chemin Cheikh Bachir Ibrahimi
El-Biar 16030
Alger Algerie
Telephone: 213 (0) 770-08-2000

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American Space Constantine

Mentouri University, Constantine
Route Ain El Bey, Constantine 25017
Location: Central Library
AC Coordinator: Mrs. Hassiba Bendjaballah
Phone: 031 81 86 49 031 81 12 45
Mobile: 0550 51 04 48
E-mail: americancornerconsta

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American Space Oran

University of Oran 1- Ahmed Benbella
El-M’nouar, Oran 31000 ( Next to the faculty of Medicine)
AC Coordinator: Mrs. Fatima Kazi-Aoual
Phone: 0413 224 85/0413 255 17
Mobile: 0779 261 720/0561 323 141

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American Space Ouargla

Kasdi Merbah University, Ouargla
Rue Khafji, Ouargla 30000
Location: Arabic Language Department
AC Coordinator: Ms. Dounia Dehane
Phone: 029 64 11 90
Mobile: 0771 76 22 76/0671 13 25 38
AC Assistant: Hamida Bidari
Mobile: 0667 40067

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