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American Corners are small, American-style libraries co-located with an Algerian partner, such as a university or a public library.  American Corners is a joint partnership project that promotes cooperation and understanding between the United States and Algeria by providing accurate information about the U.S.  Access to American Corners and their collections is free and open to all interested Algerians.

Each American Corner features an English language collection of American fiction and reference books on U.S. government, history, and culture. There are additional books in French and Arabic.  Corners also provide access to information about the U.S. through Internet access, audio, and video recordings of American films and documentaries.

American Corners support local English instruction with a growing collection of English teaching materials which are frequently used by local students and teachers.

American Corners also offer American speakers on a variety of topics and at times will host classes, clubs and other activities. American speakers have discussed topics as varied as American sports, the recent U.S. elections in fall 2008, U.S. exchange programs, holiday traditions in the United States, and more.

For more information about American Corners in Algeria please contact the U.S.  Embassy, Algiers at or contact the Corner located closest to you.

American Cultural Center Algeria

U.S. Embassy Algiers
05 Chemin Cheikh Bachir Ibrahimi
El-Biar 16030
Alger Algerie
Telephone: 213 (0) 770-08-2000

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American Space Constantine

Mentouri University
Saturday -Thursday: 09am –12:00pm / 1:00-3:30 pm

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American Space Oran

University of Oran – Es Senia
El Manouar BP 1524
Tel: +(213)
Saturday -Thursday 09 am- 12:00 / 1:00– 4:30 pm
Thursday 09am – 1:00 pm

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American Space Ouargla

University of Ouargla
Saturday -Thursday: 09am–5:30 pm

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