The Embassy was officially opened on September 29, 1962, shortly after Algeria received its independence from France.  Prior to independence, a Consul General represented the United States in Algiers.  Following the break in diplomatic relations in June 1967, American interests were represented by the U.S. Interest Section of the Swiss Embassy in Algeria.  On November 12, 1974, diplomatic relations were reestablished.

The United States values our friendship with Algeria; our relationship is strong and continues to grow.  We view Algeria as a critical partner on regional security and counterterrorism issues, and recognize its diplomatic efforts to promote peace in neighboring countries like Libya and Mali.  We are committed to building greater economic and commercial ties between the U.S. private sector and the Algerian public and private sectors, and to working with Algeria as it seeks to diversify its economy.  We are also promote cultural and educational cooperation between our countries, in the fields of student and professional exchanges, as well as support for English language learning initiatives across Algeria.