Consular Affairs

The Consular Section provides a variety of services for U.S. Citizens, Algerian Citizens, and foreign nationals resident in Algeria.  There are three categories of consular services: U.S. Citizen Services, Non-Immigrant Visa Services, and Immigrant Visa Services.

U.S. Citizen Services assists with passport issuance and renewal, registration of U.S. citizens residing in or visiting Algeria, birth reports for children born in Algeria of U.S. citizen parents, voter registration, tax forms, notarial services, and emergency citizen services.

The Non-Immigrant Visa Unit processes applications for temporary visitors to the United States including tourist visas, business visas, student visas, and temporary work permits.

The Immigrant Visa Unit processes applications for immigration to the United States sponsored by family members and employers.  The Diversity Visa Lottery is also now processed in Algiers.