Cultural Affairs

The Cultural Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Section creates people-to-people dialogue through a host of programs.  Through these programs, the office helps bring Americans to Algeria to teach and do research.  It also provides various exchange opportunities for Algerian youth, university students, professionals, and academics to go to the United States to obtain educational and professional experience as well as discover more about the American people, their society, culture, and values.

We also offer various cultural programs, including musical performances such as gospel and jazz.  The office is also involved in the protection of Algeria’s cultural patrimony and has had several successful grants repairing Roman mosaics, restoring ancient Islamic manuscripts, and rehabilitating a Byzantine-styled basilica.

Promoting the learning and teaching of English is also an important part of our mission.  English teaching and instruction has a high demand, and the Cultural Affairs Office brings seasoned professional English teachers from the United States to consult with the Algerian government on curriculum and provide seminars for English teachers in the country.  Additionally, we are active in providing opportunities for gifted students from middle and lower income families to receive advance study, preparing them as they enter university and onwards into an ever increasingly global market.