Job Openings at the Embassy

  • How to apply for a job with the US Embassy in Algiers:

The Human Resources (HR) Office receives applications through the email address.  If you are interested in applying for vacant positions, you must submit your application directly to our recruitment mailbox. Resumes and Applications are not accepted when not attached to a specific job opening.

Applicants are required to submit their signed DS-174 form in English if a position is advertised with an English Language Level 3 or 4 and in French if a position is advertised with an English Language Level 1 or 2. Standard resumes without an appropriate signed DS-174 form are no longer accepted.


Employment Offers

  1. If you are selected for a position with the U.S. Embassy in Algiers, you will receive a conditional offer of employment which includes a breakdown of the salary and benefits offered as well as general information about terms and conditions of employment. After you accept our conditional offer, no changes can be made to the salary and benefits package. After acceptance of the conditional offer, you will be provided with medical and security forms which must be completed within five work days and returned to the HR Office.
  2. Candidates should never resign from their current employment until they receive a final offer from HR. The final offer letter means that you have successfully completed the medical and security clearance requirements. 

General Information

The HR Office manages the employment program for all agencies represented at the mission.  The HR Office advertises all positions available to the public on the embassy internet site or, at times, through emploitic at  or


Citizenship and Residency

Applications for positions listed on this website are open to all applicants. All applicants must be permanent residents in Algeria, legally eligible to work, or an Eligible Family Member (EFM).

EFMs on official orders who derive their eligibility to work in the Mission from their US direct-hire sponsor, who is assigned to Algeria, may apply for positions prior to their arrival in Algeria.  EFMs are eligible to apply for all vacant positions but must meet the qualification requirements.  For EFM specific positions, please visit the HR intranet site.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Hiring Preferences

U.S. Citizen Eligible Family Members (USEFM), Appointment Eligible Family Members (EFMs) and U.S. Veterans preference.

How to Apply

The HR Office receives applications through the email address.  If you are interested in applying for vacant positions, you must submit your application directly to our recruitment mailbox.  

Application Basics

  1. All applications for US Embassy positions must use the U.S. Mission’s Employment Application Form DS-174 (PDF 635 KB).  Provide your date of birth and nationality information only in response to specific questions on the form.
  2. Your resume/CV and DS-174 English (PDF 157 KB) or DS-174 French (PDF 540 KB) must explain how you meet all of the requirements of the vacant position. Your application will not be considered if you fail to address all of the qualifications requirements. Applicants are required to submit their applications/CVs in English if a position is advertised with an English Language Level of 3/3 or higher or if indicated on the vacancy announcement.  
  3. Include all relevant work experience, paid and voluntary in detail in your resume/CV/DS-174. Start with your present or most recent work experience. When describing work, list specific duties/responsibilities and accomplishments. Include supervisory responsibilities and the number of employees supervised if applicable. Go into as much detail as possible for work experience that directly relates to the advertised position.
  4. Include in your resume/CV/DS-174, the names, addresses and contact details for three (3) professional references. The personal references are ideally individuals who know you professionally and can comment on your suitability for employment at the mission. Personal references must exclude relatives and former supervisors. We will obtain your permission before contacting any reference.
  5. Candidates who claim U.S. Veteran’s preference must specify that they have a DD-214 in their resume/CV or cover letter to be considered as a U.S. Veteran and a copy of the DD-214 will be required before an interview is scheduled.
  6. Unsolicited applications are not accepted.