Morehouse College Glee Club Tour Sparks Interest In American University Studies

The Morehouse College Glee Club (MCGC) concert tour was a highlight in Algeria’s cultural calendar as it sought to increase interest among Algerian youth in pursuing university studies in the United States.  The program was a collaboration between Embassy Algiers, the Algerian Ministry of Culture, and the Algerian Higher School of Music (INSM).  Due to a public-private partnership between Embassy Algiers, Coca-Cola, MediAlgeriA, and Pizza Hut, the MCGC and INSM performances in two cities drew a combined crowd of over 1,500 Algerians.  In turn, the performances provided a platform to promote EducationUSA.

To ensure the links created with MCGC’s Algeria tour last beyond the one-week cultural engagement, Morehouse College signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with INSM to establish a university link between the American and Algerian institutions, and set out a commitment to promote the development of joint studies, research and training activities, and other educational programs of mutual interest. The signing ceremony took place on the margins of the January 3 concert at the National Theatre of Algiers, and was presided over by the Algerian Minister of Culture and Ambassador John Desrocher.  This partnership will strengthen the longstanding ties between American and Algerian institutions of higher learning, and further expand the scope of academic and cultural links between the United States and Algeria.