U.S. – Algerian Partnership to Develop Algeria’s Power Grid

U.S. Ambassador to Algeria Elizabeth Aubin presided over a signing ceremony for a new partnership between U.S. company CTC Global and Algerian company ENICAB to manufacture high-performance, energy-efficient overhead powerline conductors to support the expansion, improved efficiency, and decarbonization of the electrical power grid in Algeria. 

CTC Global and ENICAB signed their partnership agreement following a joint webinar organized in May 2021 by the Embassy and the Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy to inform American companies about the opportunities in Algeria’s power sector. 

The agreement enables ENICAB to manufacture CTC Global’s high-capacity, energy-efficient ACCC® Conductors in Algeria to help expand the Algerian power grid and improve its efficiency, capacity and reliability while helping reduce greenhouse gas emission and conserve Algeria’s precious water resources. The application of these Advanced Conductors will accelerate the integration of renewable generation from solar and wind sources into the national power system.  This will ultimately enable Algeria to export excess electricity to the wider Mediterranean. 

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ambassador Aubin said, “We are happy that, through this agreement, a U.S. company will support not only the expansion of the electrical power grid, but also its decarbonization as envisaged by the government of Algeria.” 

CTC Global’s Senior Vice President stated, “ENICAB is a trusted and reliable partner in Africa, and its industry leadership in Algeria will ensure that the benefits of this technology will have the maximum reach possible. This partnership will also accelerate the growth strategy of ENICAB in the market of high efficiency and high-capacityconductors.” 

CTC Global is a privately held power grid solutions company whose flagship product, ACCC® Conductor, is the leading high-performance, high-voltage power line solution used by utility companies around the world to expand grid capacity and to debottleneck their grids.  ACCC® Conductors have been selected for over 1,100 projects by more than 250 utilities in 64 countries and are credited with eliminating over 18 million metric tons of line-loss related CO2 emissions.  CTC Global is headquartered in Irvine, California. Visit www.ctcglobal.com 

ENICAB, is a pioneering Algerian company in the manufacture of energy cables, with more than thirty-two years of service in the field, offering its customers a wide and diversified range of products including low voltage cables, industrial cables, medium voltage cables and bare high voltage cables.  Based in Biskra, with a large workforce, ENICAB remains the main source of employment in the region and contributes considerably to improving the quality of life of its citizens and to their development.  Visit http://www.enicab.dz