Ambassador’s Ramadan Message

John Desrocher United States Ambassador to Algeria

As-salaam aleykum,

I am John Desrocher, the United States Ambassador to Algeria.

At the start of Ramadan, I would like to extend my best wishes to all Muslims for a blessed month. This is my third Ramadan in Algeria and I cherish past iftars with Algerian friends at tables piled high with dates, shorba, and bourak

I’ve come to learn that Ramadan is a period of spiritual growth, self-discipline, and charity. At this difficult time, these values are more important than ever.

While it is difficult to gather in person this year, please accept my warmest greetings and hope that you and your loved ones know health and peace this Ramadan.

I take heart in the memories of past Ramadans and the lessons that this holy month offers to us all.

Saha Ramadankum