U.S. Citizen Services

The U.S. Embassy in Algiers provides a variety of services for Americans citizens, including passport and citizenship, notarial, and other services as mentioned below.  In addition, we provide information below on security and other matters for Americans in Algeria.  We strongly encourage all traveling American citizens to register with the Embassy in order to receive updates, as well as assistance in an emergency.  Citizens who have already registered on-line with us have the option of also receiving emergency updates via SMS text message; if you would like to participate in this service, email us your name and cell phone number.

All services are by appointment, generally Mondays and Wednesdays.  Click on the appropriate link to prepare for and schedule your appointment.  All required forms should be completed in advance of your appointment.  When you come for your appointment, do not bring luggage including large backpacks, laptop computers, or large cameras. Security guards will hold small tourist cameras and cell phones until your departure, but there is no storage available for other items.

Alerts and Messages

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