Emergency Passport

The U.S. Embassy generally issues full-validity passports that are printed in the United States and contain the latest security features.  In certain emergency circumstances, the U.S. Embassy can print a limited-validity passport that will allow you to return to the United States; after you return to the United States you can apply for a full-validity passport.  If you have an emergency situation (e.g., medical emergency or a family death), including after hours, please call the U.S. Embassy at 0770-08-2000.

We strongly recommend that you renew your passport early so that you do not need an emergency passport.  It takes two to three weeks for full validity passports to arrive in our office from the United States.  Please be aware that emergency passport issuance cannot be guaranteed and you may simply need to change your travel plans.  You should only purchase airline tickets after checking that you and your family’s passports are all valid.  Emergency passports are intended for U.S. citizens who need to travel immediately to the United States due to an unexpected incident or for U.S. citizen visitors whose passports were lost or stolen during their travels.  Weddings, vacations, school, and pre-planned medical procedures are not emergencies.  We can issue an emergency passport only when you bring documentary proof of the emergency to your appointment.  If transiting or traveling to a country other than the U.S., please check the country’s entrance/exit requirements to see if emergency passports are acceptable travel documents.   

Application Procedure / Processing Time

The application procedures are the same as for a regular passport, although the processing time can be as short as one-day since the passport will be printed at the U.S. Embassy.  See the appropriate instructions on the Passport page.

If you were previously issued an emergency, limited-validity passport at an Embassy or Consulate because you had urgent need to travel, you should apply to renew this passport for a full-validity passport as soon as possible.  Please note that two consecutive emergency passports cannot be issued.  Your next application must be for a full-validity passport, which will be printed in the United States and take approximately two to three weeks to process.  

If less than one year has passed since your limited-validity passport was issued:

  • You will not have to pay any passport fees if you can show the receipt of payment for the limited-validity passport.
  • Complete and print Form DS-5504(follow link for “Replacing a Damaged or Limited Validity Passport”).  Although it asks for a mailing address, because you are overseas your new passport will be sent to the U.S. Embassy in Algiers.
  • You will also need to provide a current passport color passport photo.

If more than one year has passed since your passport was issued:

  • Follow the procedures forpassport renewal.
  • In addition, if the endorsement on the last page of your emergency passport states that your passport was issued under 22 CFR 51.41, you must also submit additional proof of citizenship. If the endorsement on the last page of your emergency passport states that your passport was issued under 22 CFR 51.28, you must also submit additional proof of identity.

Requesting an appointment

Once you have all of the above, please request an appointment on-line.  If the on-line system is unavailable, please request an appointment by writing to ACSAlgiers@state.gov.

Processing Time / Pick-up

An application for a full-validity passport (10 years for adults / five years for minors) will be sent to the United States for printing.  You should allow two to three weeks for your application to be processed, and you will receive an email when your passport is ready for pick-up at the U.S. Embassy.  You may designate in writing to have someone pick up the passport on your behalf.