U.S. Embassy Algiers and Ministry of Culture and Arts Inaugurate a Digitalization Lab at the Bardo Museum

The U.S. Embassy in Algiers is proud to work with the Ministry of Culture and Arts and the U.S. nonprofit organization the Antiquities Coalition to establish a Digitization Lab at the Bardo museum to create electronic records of Algerian cultural heritage and make those records accessible to the public on the museum’s website.

In addition to the lab, experts from the Antiquities Coalition and the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation conducted a 3D documentation and data management training program for 26 Algerian museum curators and an online training which reached over 1,000 people from across the MENA region.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Ambassador Elizabeth Moore Aubin stated, “We aim to make heritage records accessible not only in Algeria but across borders.  This is why the program brought in training experts from the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation and from the United States.  It takes a united front to protect and preserve cultural heritage.”

This project is part of the approximately one-million dollars’ worth of cultural heritage projects between the United States and Algeria following the 2019 signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the protection of cultural property between the two countries.