U.S. Embassy English-language Programs 

One of the top priorities of the United States Embassy in Algiers is to promote English language learning.  The Embassy has projects to promote English at all levels of Algerian education.  These projects run throughout the year, and they reach different demographics.  While the embassy itself does not offer direct English language courses, it works with different establishments on projects to institutionalize English as a language of instruction in Algeria.  

 Below is a list of US Embassy ongoing projects that aim to promote and facilitate English language learning: 

Teacher’s College Columbia University:  In partnership with Columbia University Teachers College and the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education, we are helping the Ministry create an environment in which students, professors, and researchers routinely use English as the medium of communication.  Working hand-in-hand with Algerian English language experts, the project aims to train teachers in using English in the sciences, create online English resources accessible to the entire Algerian public, and transform university language centers into state-of-the-art centers of language acquisition. 

 Creating A Research Hub for Algerian Higher Education:  The State Department is working with the University of Notre Dame in Indiana to implement a three-year project to create a “research hub” to link Algerian research institutions in five key fields – artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, climate change and renewable energies, health and pharmaceutical sciences, and agriculture – with their American counterparts to facilitate the exchange of ideas and people in order to build the research capacity of Algerian universities and create key linkages between Algerian researchers and the private sectors. 

The Access Microscholarship Program:  The Access Program provides 180 students from economically underprivileged families two years of English language instruction.  The Embassy changes the location of this program to be able to reach diverse students from different areas who would not normally be able to take English classes in private schools.  After learning English, students have the chance to apply their new skills in different fields, including STEM, literature, entrepreneurship, and more. 

The Forward Project:  The Forward Project gives intensive professional training to 22 people from six states to become English-language teachers.  These teachers will go back to their home cities to teach 100 rural students English. 

Algeria Network for English as a Second Language:  With the British Council and World Learning, the Embassy is creating a network of English as a Second Language practitioners in Algeria. This network will be a platform for ESL practitioners to learn from one another best ways to teach English and exchange experiences in the field. 

The Link program:  The Link program offers professional English courses for 120 Algerian government officials from thirteen Ministries.  After taking these courses, the officials will be able to participate in international conferences and exchanges, communicate with international counterparts, and utilize English-language reports and content. 

 For any inquiries, please contact us at pasalgiersenglish@state.gov.