U.S. Embassy Partners with Center Stage to Send Algerian Artists to the United States

Center Stage is an exchange program organized by the Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State to support and connect young artists, athletes, and musicians in more than 160 countries worldwide. The U.S. Embassy in Algiers is excited to promote collaboration between talented American and Algerian artists through this cultural exchange program.

 This year, the U.S. Embassy is proud to support three talented contemporary music and theater groups from Algeria to tour the United States for the first time with Center Stage: Democratoz from Oran, Ifriqya Spirit from Algiers, and theatre ensemble Istijmam Culturelle from Oran. From July to October, these groups will travel to the United States to participate in cultural exchange activities and share Algerian music and culture with Americans in a series of concerts across the country.

In July, Democratoz will launch the third edition of the Center Stage program with a concert in Boston. They will also travel to Washington, D.C., New York and California to perform rai, reggae, funk, and rock music for American audiences and participate in workshops with American artists and students. Information about Democratoz’s tour in the United States is available onhttp://centerstageus.org/artists/democratoz.

Ifriqya Spirit and Istijmam Culturelle tours are scheduled for August – October 2016. For more information, please visit: http://centerstageus.org/artists/ifrikya_spirit andhttp://centerstageus.org/artists/istijmam.