United States-Algeria Joint Military Dialogue 2023 

The United States of America and the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria conducted a Joint Military Dialogue in Washington, D.C., from December 4 to 6, in the framework of the continued bilateral defense cooperation. 

 Algerian Major General Mounir Zahi and Acting U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs Jennifer Zakriski led the two countries’ delegations.  The high-level representation on both sides included the U.S. Ambassador to Algeria, Elizabeth Moore Aubin, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Algerian Embassy to the United States, Abdelhamid Izeghlouche, and officials from the Algerian Ministry of National Defense, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

 The Joint Military Dialogue focused on advancing a draft Memorandum of Understanding on Defense Cooperation between Algeria and the United States in preparation for a planned signing in early 2024.  The delegations also discussed regional, maritime, and cyber security, as well as disaster resilience, counterterrorism efforts, and information sharing.  A defense industry roundtable with commercial defense vendors on December 4, 2023, explored diversification of suppliers and technologically advanced systems to advance national defense objectives in partnership with Algeria. 

 The United States of America appreciates the continued relationship with the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria on defense matters of common interest to ensure the security of both countries.  Algeria and the United States have hosted reciprocal ship visits as symbols of goodwill, as well as high-level visits including AFRICOM Commander General Michael Langley to Algeria in February 2023, when he engaged with President Tebboune and Army Chief of Staff Chanegriha in substantive discussions.  The Government of Algeria hosted the last Joint Military Dialogue in March 2022 in Algiers.