USNS Trenton Celebrates U.S and Algerian Independence Days in Algiers Port

From July 4 to 6, 2023, United States Naval Ship Trenton docked at the Port of Algiers to celebrate the anniversaries of U.S. and Algerian independence.  The only foreign ship in Algiers port during the consecutive national holidays, the USNS Trenton moored near Algerian Naval Ship Soummam (937), the first Algerian military vessel to visit the United States in 2012 in commemoration of 50 years of Algerian independence.  During a reception aboard the USNS Trenton, U.S. Ambassador to Algeria Elizabeth Aubin remarked on the exchange of Algerian and American ships: “On the occasion of Algeria’s 50th Independence Day, the Algerian ship ANS Soummam visited the port of New York.  I’m thrilled to have an American ship, the USNS Trenton, in the port of Algiers to mark the final hours of Algeria’s 60th year of independence, demonstrating the close and enduring ties between our two nations.”

Twenty Algerian sailors also had the opportunity to visit the ship, and the high-ranking Algerian military officials and representatives from the diplomatic corps at the reception enjoyed performances by U.S. and Algerian military bands.